Monday, April 23, 2012

Never Stop Fighting

This post falls completely in line with my blog summary. There are atrocities committed all over the world by the minute, but there are also people who are fighting against it or at least some rebellion being built within those suffering the atrocity. It's human nature. When we feel there is an injustice being done, somebody will speak up. So for all of those pessimists out there, those that think this world is ugly and growing uglier, you can read these and maybe find our future a little less bleak. 

The Time 100 is a list put out every year by Time Magazine that lists the 100 most influential people in the world at this time. The list covers every kind of person of interest, including athletes, actors, politicains, tekkies, world leaders, advocates and more. This year has some names that we hear all the time, like President Obama, Tim Tebow,  and Adele. But it also has some other incredible people that you may have never heard of, fighting for causes you would fight against but don't know where to start.

Dulce Matuz is an undocumented Latina who came to the States as a child and began pursuing a degree in Engineering, but ran into immigration issues once graduation approached. As a result, Dulce founded the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, a cause that promotes a path towards citizenship for people who like her, are good people who just want to live in a country with freedoms. Oh yeah, she's only 27.

Donald Sadoway, 62, is an engineering professor at MIT whose goal is to create new forms of sustainable energy for the country. He is engineering a battery from molten salt and liquid metal that is being developed into grid size to be used as a safe energy force. What's even cooler, he's developing these batteries as the only expert on his team; the rest are his students.

Asghar Farhadi, 40, is an Iranian filmmaker whose film A Separation just won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. The film, set in a volatile Tehran, depicts the conflicts of two couples, one secular and one religious, in a way that has opened the eyes of people all over the world by giving us a personal view of what has often been so secretive. But Farhadi isn't using his Oscar to integrate him into the world of Hollywood Big-wigs; he's using it as a platform to reach an audience with a message supporting the underrepresented people of a country.

These are just a few, and you won't want to stop with them. I read all 100 summaries of these people and couldn't help but feel pride well up for being a part of a world where we fight for what's right. These people make me think that my goal of changing the world is more than possible, because like all of them, I am passionate for this world and the people in it. I want to be like the people on this list.

Not to sound melodramatic or cliche, but these people bring hope to everyone and they are determining the path we are going. And once you read their stories, you may change your mind about where this world is going. I, for one, don't think it sounds too bad.

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