Monday, May 14, 2012

I Dreamt a Dream...

I had a brutal dream the other night. I can’t remember much, except for the goriest parts, and I don’t know why. The dream was set up as like watching a movie, but it wasn’t like I was sitting in a couch watching it. It was like the screen was routed directly to my brain, so almost as if I was in the movie: the ultimate 3D.

There were two women, one chasing the other.  I can only remember how one looked, kind of like Katy Perry in the face, with bright blue hair cut into a pixie-bob. She was very pretty, and she was the one being chased. It was terrifying, and the other one, I think she had long blond hair, chased “Blue” into a hollowed out tree, like a Redwood. They kept grappling, and Blue would fight the other off, but “Blonde” was relentless. Finally, Blonde knocked blue over and then took a pickaxe and struck a blow to Blue’s temple region. Blood spurt from her Kill Bill style and she stumbled to the side. With her prey weakened, Blonde delivered another blow to the top of her head, resulting in a similar spray of red-orange blood, like a cartoon. Blue fell to the ground, covered in leaves, and she stared open-eyed, mouth closed straight ahead, which was right at her audience, just me. The camera started zooming in and out, slowly at first, and then picked up the rate. I think music accompanied this, growing ever-more panicky, until finally my conscience caught my sub-conscience and kicked the shit out of it and I woke up.

What the hell? I’m not going to bother psychoanalyzing the dream, because I don’t know what the hell it could mean and I don’t want to discover I’m crazier than I already knew. It’s just one of those dreams that will stick with you, particularly her face in the end. I doubt I ever shake it, like the dream where a man systematically worked through hurting/killing my family when I was about 4 or when I escaped from a burning house with my pregnant mother, chased by Nicki Hepfl and then attacked by a monster directly from the X-files.

Our subconscious is an amazing thing; and it’s the source of some pretty terrifying thoughts as well. All of those dreams will stick with me until my mind begins to wither and my conscience no longer keeps up with my sub-conscience and I am unaware of their ongoing presence.

They aren’t all terribly dim though. When I was about 9 I dreamt that I got in trouble at recess and received a very strange, but very satisfying punishment. There was a tree in the middle of the play-yard, and a horse tied to it. I used the horse to get on the tree and climb to the top, like literally on top of the tree. Up there, there were Disney movies scattered all around and it was my job to retrieve them. I did so, until I hit a week spot in the leaves and fell harmlessly to the ground.

I know not what any of these mean, but they have stuck with me, and I felt like scribing them somewhere. This is as good a place as any.

(Clearly I had issues with the text...)

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