Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Introduction

I Suppose an Introduction is in Order

I would tell you my name, but I do not consider it important. I would tell you what I do, but that changes with the day. I would tell you who I love, but really that is everyone. I don't wish to get into specifics because who we are is so dangerously fragile that it is not worth defining because at any moment our world can come crashing down and change us forever. I know that is dramatic, but it is true, so I do not wish to give you a summary of who I am. I can tell you what I have done, though, because some of those lessons are forever ingrained in me, some I doubt I will ever forget.

I was raised by divorced and remarried parents, with influences from all four of them and influences from branches of family trees that often go unexplored by some lesser fortunate members of this world. I have been lucky enough to learn lessons from extended cousins and aunts and uncles and great-grandparents. I have heard many different message from people who have walked entirely different paths while remaining side by side for decades. I have been exposed to so many kinds of different people that I have myself become something I cannot or do not wish to try to define. I suppose that is a blessing.

I went to college away from home. I was mostly independent, minus some financial backing from some wonderful members of my diverse family, and learned to learn on my own. I was in an environment that fostered my growth into a person that I think will ultimately change the world, in one small way or another. I was in a big city, with a shocking amount of diversity and backgrounds, religions and languages, all contributing to my understanding that the world is so separated and yet so connected. The driving force of the prosperity of our planet is people, and people literally living next door to one another cannot speak to each other. It is mind-boggling, but again a blessing.

I have been to a foreign country(only one) and I learned some of the most valuable lessons while there. We all just want to be happy, and the situations in which we live determine what will provide that. What I believe the ultimate goal for everyone is this happiness, no matter how we get to it. I am paraphrasing when I say that equifinality is the arrival at the same destination by different means. This message never had struck me so clearly as when I was in that country, with people who others would define as utter opposites of me but I felt so connected with them because of the shared desire for happiness. It was beautiful.

Those are a few things that I have done and a few lessons that I have learned from them. I do not wish to get much more specific because specifics often lead people to dismiss a message because of a difference. We are all humans, and all want to be happy. I want my message to be heard by anyone and everyone, because we can all unite and make this possible. You are everyone, and so am I.

I hope that is enough for you to be interested. If not, do not read this blog. 

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